Baby wearing

I recently attended a webinar by Eildh Venning, a qualified baby wearing expert hosted by PCSA.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. It reminded me why so many women still choose to baby wear and all the amazing benefits but most importantly it reminded me about the importance of safety around baby wearing.

A good carrier should feel like you are holding your baby in the upright position, allowing you to see and sense your baby at all times. Close enough to kiss your little one, feeling their breathing and ensuring their chin is off their chest but still allowing you to move around and get things done. Hands free! 

Everyone wins. 

Some Baby wearing benefits: 

  • Improved attachment between both mom and baby
  • Skin to skin benefits (Temperature and heart rate regulation)
  • Better and longer sleep for baby
  • Stimulates milk production for mom
  • Happy baby=Less crying=Happy parents

There are so many different carriers on the market, expensive ones, cheaper options, traditional carriers and second hand carriers. The best carrier is the one that works for you. It must be comfortable and safe for you and your baby.

Getting started and getting the basics right 

Just  remember TICKS

T (The carrier must fit nice and Tight)

I (Your baby must be In view at all times)

C (Your baby must be Close enough to kiss)

K (Keep your babies chin up and away from their chest)

S (Baby and mom’s back is Supported)

Now how to achieve this:

My checklist in practice (thanks to my recent webinar with qualified babywearing expert Eildh Venning hosted by PCSA). 

We always look for safely first and check our TICKS and then we check for :

  1. The waist strap (Must be horizontal and not sloping down)
  1. Cross strap at the back (Must be crossing at the mid-back and not by your neck
  1. Looking if the carrier provides a DEEP seat in a DEEP squat position 
  1. Pelvic tuck (The pelvic tuck encourages the baby to sit in a position that creates a “J shape” (from the side) or an “M shape” (from the front) in a carrier. This position is more comfortable and helps preserve open airways. The aim is to raise the knees up, allowing the bottom to settle downwards into the classic “M shape”.
  1. Knee-Knee (Making sure the carrier you are using supports your child across the full width of both thighs, from one knee to the other, reaching into the knee pit. This ensures a comfortable and safe seat for your child’s hips)
  1. Babies hand up (Better for soothing and exploring with their hands)
  1. Feet out (To ensure good circulation and that clothing is not restricting the feet/ankles or toes
  1. Check parents posture ( You must feel comfortable wearing your baby and pain free, otherwise it’s not worth it.  It might mean your carrier is not fitted properly or is not the right carrier for you and your baby) 

If you have any questions around baby wearing or need help with making sure you are wearing your carrier correctly, please feel free to pop into practice and I can help you with your carrier. 


Dr Anneke Lees,

Enjoy those baby snuggles 



Pinetown is where you will find me

I am very excited to be working in the community where I grew up in, Pinetown. Making sure my community’s spines are looked after. I’m looking forward to meeting new people, treating friends and family and continuing to support my current patients in this new practice. The practice is easily accessible from the freeway and we have safe and secure parking.

I cannot wait to meet you here!I know you will love my new space, just as much as I do.

Kind regards,

Dr. Anneke Lees

Looking back and looking forward

Looking back

I have just arrived back in Durban after a wonderful 3 years of living and practising in the Vaal and, at this point,  I cannot help but reminisce over my experience as a Chiropractor serving the Vaal community.

I have learnt an enormous amount and I’m so grateful to everyone who has contributed in my growth as a person and a professional.

When I started my sport and family Chiropractic practice in the Vaal, I thought I would mainly enjoy treating athletes, as sport originally drew me to the profession. This has changed somewhat over the last three years. Although my passion for treating athletes is still there, I have realised that family care is so close to my heart. I have seen the benefit of treating the whole family from the mom-to-be to the grandpa; helping families thrive. If you feel good physically you can be the best version of yourself; if you are pain free you can be present in your own life and make a difference in someone else’s. So when I help my patients or athletes move better, pain free, I know I’m making an impact in their lives and the people around them; enabling them to build strong relationships which leads to developing strong healthy communities. It is this philosophy that has become central to my approach as a practitioner with the goal of enabling my patients to lead fuller lives, uninhibited by any pain or restrictions as far as possible.

When it comes to community building I would like to thank Parkrun Heron Banks. This initiative has helped so many people to get active in the community and motivated families to get active on the weekend. I have personally seen how this has changed peoples lives in the Vaal community. From not being able to walk, to doing the park run every Saturday. It is such a great motivational tool that I utilize to help people get active. Well done Parkrun, keep up the amazing work!

Before looking forward, I would like to thank Dr Roger van der Veen for his support, mentorship and friendship, Dr Deon Teixerra and Mrs Caroline Scheepers for their excellent work in the community and their willingness to work together and build a strong practitioner referral network, making sure their patients always come first and referring to the appropriate professional. I will always be grateful for your support and wish you everything of the best in the future.

Looking forward

My husband and I are very excited to be working in our favourite city, Durban. Cris will be joining the awesome educational company Advantage Learn to help school kids reach their full potential and I will open a new practice in Glenwood by joining Health at 202; a wonderful multidisciplinary wellness center. I’m really looking forward to serving my new community and linking up with like minded professionals in Durban.

I will focus my learning on nutrition and family care this year and use my blog to connect with my community in these areas.

Thank you again to my wonderful Vaal family and hello to my new home, Durban. I looking forward to helping you.

Warm regards,

Dr. Anneke Lees

Ps. Always remember to be kind to your spine.