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I have recently moved to Kloof in KZN and thus I find myself turning to Google to help me find the best provider close to home….but it seems like its not that simple.

The first page on Google is taken up by Google ads and leaves you confused to which provider to choose. The ads send you all across Durban when you just want someone close to home!

So here are my top tips to find the Best Chiropractor near you: 

1. Find a Chiropractor that is registered with the Chiropractic Association of South Africa. They have a “Find a Chiropractor near me” page where you can insert your address and it will provide you with all the registered Chiropractors closest to you. When you are in pain you dont want to be driving far for treatments!

2. Ask on your community WhatsApp group or Facebook page.

3. Do a Google map search and then read some reviews on the Chiropractor Google business page.

 I hope that makes the search a bit easier, and you find a Chiropractor that can help you move better and feel your best, pain free. 

Kind regards,

Dr. Anneke Lees