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I’m really excited to be working at Health at 202 in Durban. Situated in the leafy suburb of Glenwood and overlooking the vibrant Bulwer Park, it is a multidisciplinary Health and Wellness centre consisting of like-minded health professionals who work together to serve the Durban community.

In Health and Wellness we need a body that moves well, is well nourished and a mind that thinks well. Bearing this in mind, our team is expertly equipped to help the community strive for and achieve wellness.

Come visit us and meet the growing team:

Dr Anneke Lees                         Chiropractor

Alison Sampson                        Clinical Psychologist

Jonelle du Plessis                     Clinical Psychologist 

Natalie Bowden                        Dietitian

Domingo Pestana do Vale       Personal trainer and Pilates Instructor


We look forward to helping you in your wellness journey.

Warm regards,

Dr. Anneke Lees

Ps. Always remember to be kind to your spine